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Welcome to the 139designs kit customizer! Here the ordering is in YOUR hands. Spend 5 minutes - 5 hours color configuring any of our designs. There are MILLIONS of color options to make. You can customize all color aspects of the graphic kit, and also set your sled accent and plastic colors to give you the most accurate visual representation possible. *Note: Your exact snowmobile model platform may not be displayed, these kits are universal, images are representations and your exact design layout will be emailed to you right after your order is placed. Your kit, your way, your ride. Welcome!

  • Decal View
  • Side View
1.Popular Colorways
2.Customize Wrap Colors
Background Color
Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Color 4
3.Plastic Colors
Plastic Color - Side Panel
Plastic Color - Hood
Plastic Color - Tunnel
Accent Color
Accent Color