Commercial Division



I placed my order online... what next?

Once we receive your order we will put together a final proof with your color and logo options (if applicable)  laid out on a template for your exact yea/make/model of machine. We will then email you a proof before they go to print. If something is not to your liking you are allowed one proof change/revision before production. Cancelled orders are subject to fees

I saw a wrap I liked but I dont see it on your site?

No problem. If you have something in mind that isnt on our site just order via the "custom kit" for your corresponding make & model. You can list details in the additional comments & if you have photos to reference you can email them to and we will process it right away with your order!



In the event of us getting a model wrong from prouction standpoint (our judgement based on case) then we will work with you for a resolution. Otherwise we dont take any returns. We make everything custom to order and that requires lots of time and materials. And NO we dont design anything for free until your order is placed. Not enough hours in the day for working for free. Its simple: If you want to order a product, order it and we work with you. Should a defect be found, contact us and at our discretion we will determine a resolution to fix a mistake. 139designs is not liable for improper install or damage. Our materials are based off 10+ years experience and custom products, but they are stickers not metal.

Colors/ Matching

Due to color limitations, or faded plastics and other conditions, printed colors may be slight shades varying from the color of your machine. Our colors are color approved and tested by us to be a closest-match-possible on our end. All wraps have seams and do not cover every single square inch (like paint) so be aware. Colors displayed are displayed to be as close as possible, but computers and other devices may display them differently. For best color matching order a color chart under "Accessories" and you can choose best colors to match yourself!


Orders paid-in-full print and ship within one week, schedule allowing. Custom and large quantity orders may require additional time. Tracking info is emailed upon order submission (tracking numbers/links may take up to 24 hours to become active). International import taxes and duties are receiver's responsibility. It is the responsibility of the shipping company to deliver the merchandise in good condition, in the event that you receive a package that has been opened or damaged, make sure the driver notes this fact on their delivery sheet. The package must be inspected at the point of delivery. Merchandise must be kept in the original shipping container for inspection. Any returned, damaged merchandise without a claims report with the carrier will not be refunded. It is not our responsibility for shipping damage.

Sent it too hard and broke some plastic? Accidental damage to your wrap kit? Replacement pieces are easy, just email us what you need. We base price off the amount of vinyl needed to fulfill your order. If your replacement order consists of 55% or more of the wrap, we will require a discounted purchase on a new full kit.





WARM - Machine and decals indoors at 70 degrees or warmer (allows decal pliability & proper adhesion). REMOVAL - Stock graphics will remove easier with heat. Our adhesive remover in our install kit can help remove any residue, as well as a small amount of mild brake cleaner Remove any body parts that may be obsticles during installation. CLEAN- Thoroughly wash machine with soap & water, dry, then clean with isypropel alcohol. DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF DEGREASER OR WAX SUCH AS PLEDGE, WD40, ETC. SEPARATE- With scissors, cut each decal piece out separately from the sheet, trimming the paper backing as close to the decal edges as possible for ease of visual placement and installation. To ensure proper adhesion on any low energy surfaces, specifically the Seat / Tank area applying enough heat is CRITICAL for a long lasting product. Use an x-acto blade to trim out any additional body hoies if needed